Student Learning: Creating, Refining, and Promoting Evaluation and Research Across Computing Education is pleased to announce the Student Learning: Creating, Refining, and Promoting Evaluation and Research Across Computing Education workshop to be held as part of the  2019 International Computing Education Research conference (ICER), Toronto, CA  ( This full-day workshop will take place on Sunday, August 11th.

This workshop is designed to explore the current state of assessment and evaluation in computer science education in an effort to identifying gaps as well as current and future needs. The primary focus will be on evaluation instruments–however, as discussions progress throughout the day, additional assessment needs may be identified.

If you are interested in learning more about this workshop or applying, please visit for an agenda and a link to the application form. Questions can be directed to Adrienne Decker ( or Monica McGill (

For qualifying attendees from the U.S., we have a limited number of $500 stipends to help offset the cost of travel and hotel. Funds will be provided through U.S. National Science Foundation grants awarded to and RPPforCS.

SPLICE: Computing Science Education Infrastructure: From Tools to Data

The progress in the field of computer science education to a large extent depends on our ability to introduce novel approaches and tools to our students, collect data on student interaction with the tools, and analyze the data to learn from this experience. The goal of SPLICE, an NSF-supported project and a community of researchers, is building an Infrastructure for Computer Science Education Research, which could facilitate all stages of this process. The infrastructure should support (1) broader re-use of innovative learning content instrumented for rich data collection, (2) extensive data collection from multiple learning tools in interoperable formats, (3) repositories to share and tools for analysis of learner data, and (4) development of best practices in collecting, sharing, and processing learner data.

This NSF-supported workshop is the latest in a series of SPLICE workshops and is a follow-up to successful workshops at SIGCSE 2018, ICER 2018 and SIGCSE 2019 (see The primary goal of the workshop is to report progress, exchange information about best practices, and to build upon our existing collaborations developed over the course of the project to engage more members of the community in tasks that will advance the project agenda. The attendees will be able to learn about SPLICE goals and working groups, report their recent work related to SPLICE goals, and get engaged in the SPLICE Community work through working groups and funded collaborative projects.

The workshop is open to all ICER attendees. No paper or lighting talk submission is required. However, those who are interested to present at the workshop should visit SPLICE for more information and to see the call for proposals.