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ICER 2020
Sun 9 - Thu 13 August 2020

The program committee has accepted 27 papers to the research track (titles and authors pending final versions; conference schedule forthcoming):

Paper Authors
How Secure are our Computer Systems Courses? Majed Almansoori (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Jessica Lam (University of California, San Diego); Elias Fang (University of California, San Diego); Kieran Mulligan (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Adalbert Gerald Soosai Raj (University of California, San Diego); Rahul Chatterjee (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Using Design Alternatives to Learn About Data Organizations Xingjian Gu (Brown University); Max Heller (Brown University); Stella Li (Brown University); Yanyan Ren (Brown University); Kathi Fisler (Brown University); Shriram Krishnamurthi (Brown University)
How do Graduating Students Evaluate Software Design Diagrams? Prajish Prasad (IIT Bombay); Sridhar Iyer (IIT Bombay)
What Do We Think We Think We Are Doing? Metacognition and Self-Regulation in Programming James Prather (Abilene Christian University); Brett Becker (University College Dublin); Michelle Craig (University of Toronto); Paul Denny (The University of Auckland); Dastyni Loksa (University of Washington); Lauren Margulieux (Georgia State University)
Theories and Models of Affect in the Context of Programming Education Lauri Malmi (Aalto University); Judy Sheard (Monash University); Päivi Kinnunen (University of Helsinki); Simon (University of Newcastle); Jane Sinclair (The University of Warwick)
Learning machine learning with personal data helps stakeholders to advocate for themselves Yim Register (University of Washington); Amy Ko (University of Washington)
Affinity for technology and teenagers’ learning intentions Fufen Jin (Norwegian University of Science and Technology); Monica Divitini (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Computing Education Research Landscape through an Analysis of Keywords Michail Giannakos (Norwegian University of Science and Technology); Zacharoula Papamitsiou (Norwegian University of Science and Technology); Simon (University of Newcastle); Andrew Luxton-Reilly (The University of Auckland)
A Quantitative Study of Faculty Views on the Goals of an Undergraduate CS Program and Preparing Students for Industry Sander Valstar (University of California San Diego); Caroline Sih (University of California San Diego); Sophia Krause-Levy (University of California San Diego); Leo Porter (University of California San Diego); William Griswold (University of California San Diego)
Collaborative Learning in Computing Education: Faculty Perspectives and Practices Sharon Mason (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Syntax exercises in CS1 John Edwards (Utah State University); Joseph Ditton (Utah State University); Dragan Trninic (ETH Zurich); Hillary Swanson (Utah State University); Shelsey Sullivan (Utah State University); Chad Mano (Utah State University)
Revisiting Self-Efficacy in Introductory Programming Phil Steinhorst (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster); Andrew Petersen (University of Toronto); Jan Vahrenhold (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)
Why do CS1 students think they’re bad at programming? Investigating self-efficacy and self-assessments at three universities Jamie Gorson (Northwestern University); Eleanor O’Rourke (Northwestern University)
A Longitudinal Evaluation of a Best Practices CS1 Adrian Salguero (University of California San Diego); Julian McAuley (University of California San Diego); Beth Simon (University of California San Diego); Leo Porter (University of California San Diego)
Adaptive Immediate Feedback Can Improve Novice Programming Engagement and Intention to Persist in Computer Science Samiha Marwan (North Carolina State University); Ge Gao (North Carolina State University); Susan Fisk (Kent State University); Thomas Price (North Carolina State University); Tiffany Barnes (North Carolina State University)
Programming versus natural language: on the effect of context on typing in CS1 John Edwards (Utah State University); Juho Leinonen (University of Helsinki); Chetan Birthare (Utah State University); Albina Zavgorodniaia (Aalto University); Arto Hellas (Aalto University)
Understanding conceptual transfer for students learning new programming languages Ethel Tshukudu (University of Glasgow); Quintin Cutts (University of Glasgow)
Discovering the Enacted Computing Curriculum in Public K-12 Schools in South Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka Tehreem Anwar (Knox College); Arturo Jimenez (Knox College); Arsalan Najeeb (Knox College); Bishakha Upadhyaya (Knox College); Monica McGill (Knox College)
Analyzing Viscuit Programs Crafted by Kindergarten Children Takeshi Watanabe (University of Erectro-Communications); Yuriko Nakayama (Kgawa-Fujimigaoka Kindergarten); Yasunori Harada (LLC. Digital pocket); Yasushi Kuno (The University of Electro-Communications)
Exploring Quantum Reversibility with Young Learners Diana Franklin (University of Chicago); Jen Palmer (University of Chicago); Woorin Jang (University of Chicago); Elizabeth Lehman (University of Chicago); Randall Landsberg (University of Chicago); Jasmine Marckwordt (University of California, Santa Barbara); Alexandria Muller (University of California, Santa Barbara); Danielle Harlow (University of California at Santa Barbara)
Opening the Black Box: Investigating Student Understanding of Data Displays Using Programmable Sensor Technology Alexandra Gendreau Chakarov (University of Colorado Boulder); Quentin Biddy (University of Colorado Boulder); Jennifer Jacobs (University of Colorado Boulder); Mimi Recker (utah state university); Tamara Sumner (University of Colorado Boulder)
An Analysis of Use-Modify-Create Pedagogical Approach’s Success in Balancing Structure and Student Agency Diana Franklin (UChicago STEM Education); Jen Palmer (University of Chicago); Merijke Coenraad (University of Maryland); Donna Eatinger (University of Chicago); Anna Zipp (University of Chicago); Marco Anaya (University of Chicago); Max White (University of Chicago); Hoang Pham (University of Chicago); Ozan Gokdemir (University of Chicago); David Weintrop (University of Maryland)
Exploring Student Behavior using the TIPP&SEE Learning Strategy Diana Franklin (UChicago STEM Education); Jean Salac (University of Chicago); Zachary Crenshaw (University of Chicago); Saranya Turimella (University of Chicago); Zipporah Klain (University of Chicago); Marco Anaya (University of Chicago); Cathy Thomas (Texas State University)
Construction of a Taxonomy for Tools, Languages, and Environments across Computing Education Monica McGill (Knox College); Adrienne Decker (University at Buffalo)
A Gradual Language for Programming Education Felienne Hermans (Leiden University)
Student Perceptions of Fairness and Security in a Versioned Programming Exam Chinny Emeka (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Craig Zilles (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Comparison of Grade Replacement and Weighted Averages for Second-Chance Exams Geoffrey Herman (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Zhouxiang Cai (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Timothy Bretl (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Craig Zilles (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Matthew West (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)